Máquinas Y Motores Térmicos. Introducción A Los Motores Alternativos Y A Las Turbomáquinas Térmicas

Máquinas y motores térmicos página legal índice prefacio bloque temático i motores de combustión (…) capítulo 1. generalidades de los motores (…) objetivos fundamentales del capítulo 1.1. componentes y procesos básicos de (…) 1.2. clasificación de los mcia 1.2.1. según el proceso de combustión 1.2.2. según el modo de realizar el ciclo 1.2.3. según el tipo de refrigeración 1.2.4. según la presión de admisión 1.2.5. s...

Design and Verification of Electrical Installations, 8 edition

Fully up to date with the 17th Edition of IET Wiring Regulations.   Simplifies the advice found in the Wiring Regulations, explaining what they mean in actual working practice for design and testing.     Expert advice from an engineering training consultant, supported with colour diagrams, examples and key data.   This popular guide provides an understanding of basic design criteria and calculations, along with cu...

Bremsen und Bremsregelsysteme

Anwendungsbezogene Darstellungen sind das Kennzeichen der Buchreihe "Bosch Fachinformation Automobil". Ganz auf den Bedarf an praxisnahem Hintergrundwissen zugeschnitten, findet der Auto-Fachmann ausführliche Erklärungen zur Fahrphysik, zu den Komponenten und zur Regelung heutiger Bremsanlagen sowie zu den elektronischen Fahrstabilisierungssystemen (ABS, ASR, ESP) moderner Fahrzeuge. Der Band bietet das Bosch-Fachwissen aus erster Ha...

High Voltage Engineering Testing,3rd Edition

This third edition of High Voltage Engineering and Testing describes strategic developments in the field and reflects on how they can best be managed. All the key components of high voltage and distribution systems are covered including electric power networks, UHV and HV. Distribution systems including HVDC and power electronic systems are also considered. This new edition gives details of design and testing techniques and considers...

Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers, 3rd Edition

Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers is widely recognized as the definitive design guide on digital processing work with today’s complex receiver systems. This third edition brings readers up-to-date with the latest information on wideband electronic warfare receivers, and includes new chapters on the detection of FM and BPSK radar signals, analog-to-information, time-reversal filter, monobit receivers with improved instantaneou...

Regional Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development

The regional development of society and economy are closely related with innovative capacities.  As the benefits of Regional information systems in establishing innovative regional planning are more widely recognized, there is a greater demand for a definitive text on the nascent subject. Regional Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development: Emerging Technologies promotes scientific discussion on standards and practices of regiona...

Digital and Analog Fiber Optic Communications for CATV and FTTx Applications

This book is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to all design aspects and tradeoffs from theory to application for fiber-optics transceiver electronics. Presenting a compendium of information in a structured way, this book enables the engineer to develop a methodical design approach, a deep understanding of specifications parameters and the reasons behind them, as well as their effects and consequences on system performance, wh...

Nature and the Environment in Twentieth-Century American Life

Americans during the twentieth-century became more disconnected from the environment and nature than ever before. More Americans lived in cities rather than on farms; they became ever more reliant on technology to interact with the world around them and with each other. Perhaps paradoxically, the twentieth-century also became the period in which environmental issues played an ever-increasing role in politics and public policy. Why is...

Renewable Energy - Facts and Fantasies

"Our civilization's ever-increasing hunger for energy-and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy-is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live in a world of tough realities, where an elegant solution simply does not exist." 2GreenEnergy founder Craig Shields provides a broad survey of the subject, presenting 25 interviews with the widest possible variety of subj...