Great Games for Big Activity Balls

5a6690cc9a8fb.jpeg Author Todd Strong
Isbn 9780736074810
File size 6MB
Year 2009
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

With Big Activity Ball Games, you can
- choose from a variety of games to use in school, recreation, or fitness settings—or anywhere you work with youths or adults;

- use the easy-to-read game format to quickly get on with the games; and

- get your group involved in having fun while being active.
Authors Todd Strong and Bernie DeKoven believe that, when it comes to games and activities, the bigger the ball, the bigger the fun! In Big Activity Ball Games,, they present 73 games for big activity balls, with more than 70 variations of physical activities and games that have two common themes: fun and physical activity.

This book is ideal for anyone who works with kids, including physical educators, recreation and youth leaders, and fitness professionals. But the fun is not restricted by age, because these games are for people of all ages and all abilities in a variety of settings. And because of its easy-to-read and easy-to-use format, you can pick up Big Activity Ball Games, and quickly get on with your first game!

The authors include games you can use in the gym, outdoors, or for special events, with a focus on getting everyone involved and having fun. Variety is an ingredient of fun, so they offer games in seven distinct areas:
1.Cooperative games that are designed only for play with big balls
2.Adaptations of several sports, including baseball, soccer, and basketball
3.Modified traditional playground games
4.Wild and wacky track and field adaptations
5.Guinness Book of World Record games, where you can set world records, or at least have a blast trying
6.Giant carnival games that spin off of carnival games and rides
7.Water games that are sure to make a big splash with your group

The authors pack plenty of fun in this book. But they also include all you need to know in order to safely use and care for your big activity balls, and they provide
guidelines on leading the games and knowing what to look for (and where to look) when purchasing big activity balls. They also offer numerous illustrations and photos, showing you not only how portions of the games are played but how much fun the players are having—just to whet your appetite for getting out there and playing the games with your own group!

Big activity balls are spectacular, attract people, and just look like fun for all ages. Big Activity Ball Games, offers fresh, often downright hilarious ways to promote physical activity.



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