Handbook Of Laboratory Animal Science

Second Edition: Essential Principles And Practices, Volume I

56c343d67a120.jpg Author Jann Hau
Isbn 9780849310867
File size 24.27 MB
Year 2002
Pages 566
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

[A] valuable reference book, and potentially a course book for undergraduate and graduate laboratory animal science courses. … [T]he text is well organized and well referenced. I would highly recommend this book as a reference text for all scientists using traditional laboratory animal species … .
The second edition of an international bestseller, this book provides veterinary specialists as well as veterinary and biomedical researchers with detailed information about laboratory animal genetics, diseases, health monitoring, nutrition, and environmental impact on animal experiments. Completely revised and updated, Volume I now contains expanded coverage of topics such as procedures in genetic engineering, surgical techniques, and humane endpoints and the treatment of pain and suffering in laboratory animals. It includes a new, streamlined chapter that combines the review of alternative techniques to animal experimentation such as the use of isolated organs, cell cultures, and computer simulations.



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