Der Prophet der Deutschen

Das Buch bietet eine kritische Literaturgeschichte der Lutherbilder von der Reformationszeit bis zur Gegenwart. Fünf Jahrhunderte lang haben sich viele Autoren über das welthistorische Individuum Martin Luther geäußert und es literarisch darzustellen versucht, von Hans Sachs über Herder, Goethe und Kleist bis hin zu Thomas Mann, Dieter Forte und Rolf Hochhuth. Luther wurde mit den verschiedensten literarischen Mitteln und Effekten in...

History on Film/Film on History

History on Film/Film on History demonstrates how films can be analyzed as historical sources. It offers undergraduates an introduction to some of the first issues involved with studying historical films. Rosenstone argues that to leave history films out of the discussion of the meaning of the past is to ignore a major factor in our understanding of past events. He examines what history films convey about the past and how they convey ...

The Bedford Triangle

The U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF), American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and British Special Operations Executive (SOE) jointly played a crucial part in operations behind enemy lines in occupied Europe during World War II. Milton Ernest Hall, a country house in Bedfordshire and official UK headquarters of the U.S. Army Airforce Service Command, was located at the heart of a network of top secret Allied Radio and propaganda trans...

The Holocaust and Compensated Compliance in Italy

This book analyzes the role and function of an Italian deportation camp during and immediately after World War Two within the context of Italian, European, and Holocaust history. Drawing upon archival documents, trial proceedings, memoirs, and testimonies, Herr investigates the uses of Fossoli as an Italian prisoner-of-war camp for Allied soldiers captured in North Africa (1942-43), a Nazi deportation camp for Jews and political pris...

The Danish Slave Trade and Its Abolition

In The Danish Slave Trade and Its Abolition, Erik Gobel offers an account of the well-documented Danish transatlantic slave trade. Denmark was the seventh-largest slave-trading nation with forts and factories on the Gold Coast and a colony in the Virgin Islands. The comprehensive Danish archival material provides the basis for Gobel s descriptions of the volume and composition of the slave trade and trade cargoes, as well as the ship...

1848. Akteure und Schauplätze der Berliner Revolution

Als einzige Revolution des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts besaß die Revolution von 1848/49 eine gesamteuropäische Dimension. Sie erfasste zahllose Menschen und kannte viele Bühnen, an allen europäischen Brennpunkten des Jahres 1848. Dieses Buch setzt Schlaglichter, exemplarisch für die preußische Hauptstadt, die neben Paris und Wien von März bis November 1848 die europäische Revolutionsmetropole war. Manfred Gailus wendet sich der wichtigs...

Reading the Gaelic Landscape

This book is a must for anyone who is interested in the Scottish Highlands and its ancient tongue. It will encourage people to read and understand the seemingly obscure Gaelic words and also provides an insight into landscape history. The text will enrich the experience of walkers, climbers, sailors, bird watchers and fishers by sketching the Gaelic context where they enjoy and pursue their interests. Outdoor enthusiasts will no long...

German Secret Weapons of World War II

The phrase 'German Secret Weapons' immediately conjures up images of the V-1 and V-2 missiles which bombarded London in 1944. But what of the V-3 and V-4? What of Schmetterling, the Rochling shell, the Kurt bomb, the Hs293? These, and many other devices, were all part of the German secret armoury but are relatively unknown except to a handful of specialists. What of the German nuclear bomb? And the question of chemical warfare? The s...

Jet Wars in the Nuclear Age: 1972 to the Present Day

This book covers, across eight individual chapters, the part played by the earliest V-bombers - the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant - and fighter bombers in the Nuclear Age. It consolidates a range of first-hand accounts and snippets from pilot testimony, combined with the author's well-researched historical narrative, to create a rounded sense of events as they played out during this dynamic period of aviation history. It explores the er...

Third Reich Victorious: Alternative Decisions of World War II

'Peter G. Tsouras does an excellent job ...Readers will marvel at just how close Germany came to winning a key event in World War II.' Air & Space Power Journal 'Convincing.' Pennant: The Journal of the Forces Pension Society. 'Fascinating.' Magweb. War is a deadly game of chance where a single detail or decision can have far-reaching consequences. What if Hitler's generals had captured the cream of the British Expeditionary Forc...