Numerical Modeling in Micromechanics via Particle Methods - 2004

5bb80bcd93e05.jpg Author Y. Shimizu
Isbn 9058096793
File size 28.74MB
Year 2004
Pages 450
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

The variety of applications of PFC has continued to increase in the ten years since the first release of these programs. This volume contains a collection of fifty-two papers selected for presentation at the 2nd PFC Symposium, held 27-29 October 2004, in Kyoto, Japan. These contributions cover a wide range of engineering applications and theoretical developments using PFC, and discrete methods in general. Topics include applications in civil engineering, slope and wall stability, rock fracture, shear flows, geology and industrial engineering. New developments are also described for contact bond models, fluid coupling and model calibration.This proceedings volume illustrates the great variety of PFC applications in different engineering fields, and includes case-studies and general applications as well as research presentations.



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