Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has been growing in popularity since the 1930s, and it's no wonder. This exciting activity lets you spend time in the outdoors while challenging yourself both physically and mentally and bonding with friends and family. With the increasing availability of a variety of climbing venues, including indoor climbing gyms, it's easier than ever to try rock climbing. Rock Climbing is the perfect book for anyone who wants to dev...

Premier Soccer

Master the essentials for winning soccer from one of the game's most successful coaches. In Premier Soccer, Michael Parker, the wins leader among active NCAA Division I men's soccer coaches, teaches every key technique and tactic, with accompanying drills and special tips for executing them when the match is on the line. Premier Soccer tackles the skills and traits necessary for each position on the field, both offensively and defens...

Hiking and Backpacking: Essential Skills, Equipment, and Safety

If you want to enjoy a well-planned, well-equipped day hike or backpacking trek, take charge of your outing with Hiking and Backpacking. The book demystifies the outdoor experience, proving that you don't have to be a wilderness warrior to get back to nature and have fun. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned path master, the wealth of tips, techniques, and tricks will have you trailblazing like never before. Whether you're out for a...

Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia

In Taking in a Game, Joseph A. Reaves examines the development of baseball in Korea, the Philippines, Mainland China, and Taiwan, as well as the more widely known story of baseball in Japan. In this entertaining and informed account, Reaves covers everything from baseball in Qing Dynasty China in the nineteenth century to the 2000 Sydney Olympics bronze-medal match between Japan and Korea. Reaves guides the reader through a history o...

Field Hockey: Steps to Success, 2nd Edition

Enter the game with confidence, knowing you've mastered the essentials. Field Hockey: Steps to Success combines a comprehensive, progressive approach with in-depth instruction, illustrations, and 86 drills. Master coach and field hockey legend Elizabeth Anders details the step-by-step program that will teach you how to develop these skills: -Score more goals by developing better shooting techniques. -Improve ball control and dribblin...

Giampaolo Materazzo,‎ Dario Sarnataro - Il Napoli dalla A alla Z. Tutto quello che devi sapere sul mito azzurro (2016)

Raccontare il Napoli significa raccontare 90 anni di questa città. E proprio nell'anno dell'anniversario è importante celebrare le gesta sportive, imprenditoriali e umane dei personaggi che hanno regalato onori e riconoscimenti a una delle squadre di calcio più amate del mondo. Accanto ad Ascarelli, Ferlaino, Lauro, Maradona, Giordano, Zola, Careca, tantissimi sono i campioni che hanno militato nelle fila del Napoli e che, con le lor...

Alvise Cagnazzo, Stefano Discreti - Higuain. Un giorno all'improvviso (2016)

Dire che è stato il caso dell’estate è ormai scontato, quasi come finire in rete per un pallone entrato nel suo raggio d’azione. Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín, se qualcuno non se ne fosse accorto, il 26 luglio è passato dal Napoli alla Juventus, che per averlo non ha esitato a pagare la clausola di 90 milioni che lo liberava dal suo contratto con la società partenopea. E così El Pipita ha inanellato due clamorosi record nel giro di due mes...

The Boxing Kings: When American Heavyweights Ruled the Ring

For much of the twentieth century, boxing was one of America’s most popular sports, and the heavyweight champions were figures known to all. Their exploits were reported regularly in the newspapers—often outside the sports pages—and their fame and wealth dwarfed those of other athletes. Long after their heyday, these icons continue to be synonymous with the “sweet science.”<br /><br />In The Boxing Kings: When American He...

Omeps Guide Des Sports 2017 - 2018

This new edition reflects the international diversity and strength of our NA Fellowship. It includes ten chapters on "Our Program" and a new section of recovery experience from NA members called "Our Members Share." It includes abstracts of each personal story.

Handballtraining: Trainieren - Spielen - Gewinnen, Auflage: 5

Werner Grage gibt in dem vorliegenden Buch für jede Handballmannschaft konkrete Anregungen, die durch gute Gliederung und einprägsame Grafiken verdeutlicht werden. Die Trainingsprogramme umfassen die physische Vorbereitung, Leistungstests, Einzelübungen, die Verbesserung der Technik und Taktik, das Laufspiel und das Zusammenspiel in kleinen Gruppen. Besondere Berücksichtigung findet das Torwart-Training. Die Trainingspläne sind so au...